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Bernard Villers

Bernard Villers is a Belgian painter, contemporary artist and publisher born in 1939.


He trained in painting at La Cambre, under the direction of Paul Delvaux and Jo Delahaut. He then studied silkscreen printing at Arts et Métiers in Brussels.

His oeuvre questions the traditional relationship between support and color : it exploits color associations as well as matter and media. The artist's influences include Kurt Schwitters and Donald Judd.

His work can be found worldwide in leading museums and private art collections.

Bernard Villers also founded the Éditions du Remorqueur and the Nouveau Remorqueur. From 2004 to 2016, he released about sixty publications.

"It may happen that a name suffices to announce the color. In my books, of course, words have more space. They have their own plasticity. They occupy the space, draw it. They can still evoke questions of form and color." - Bernard Villers

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