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Guy Baekelmans

Guy Baekelmans was born in Berchem, Belgium, in 1940.

His career started in 1968, with figures and forms in frog or bird perspective, classified as pop art and hard edge. After a short while, only the geometrical forms remained in his work, affiliating him with constructivism.

In 1972, together with P.R. de Poortere and Guy Vandenbranden, Guy Baekelmans founded the "International Study Center for Constructive Art".

The simplification of forms and colors in his oeuvre reflects his early interest in Oriental philosophy and his quest for serenity and balance.

In a recent monograph, Ernest Van Buynder compared Baekelman's work and philosophy to Yves Klein's. Moreover, Simon Delobel drew a parallel between his oeuvre and his famous predecessor Georges Vantongerloo's, as both artists foster a dialogue between space and infinity.

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