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Iskander Walen

Iskander Walen is a Dutch artist. Iskander Walen’s, career as a painter and sculptor, started with his first liquid oil paintings solo show in 1993 right up to his current series American Icons.

Over the span of his career, Walen has worked in every medium, from traditional materials such as paint and clay, to video, photography, synthetics and metals, and more recently performance art. He began his studies in traditional techniques, creating portraits, still life and landscapes in pencil and watercolor.

He mastered the fundamentals in the early 1990’s, and his focus shifted. He began obsessively creating abstracts, liquefying the paint and letting the material dictate each next step in his development. During this time, Walen used mostly liquid oil paints, and only on wood and paper. This was followed by a brief period of experimenting with mixed media, combining photographs and oil paint. In what he refers to as the “wilderness years”, Walen sidetracked into photography, film and video. He explored comics, stand up comedy performance, and television, and began to apply all of his experiences when he returned to fine art.

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