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Jacqueline Debutler

Jacqueline Debutler (born Jacqueline Valentin in 1928) is a French artist. Her areas of artistic expression are painting, printmaking and sculpture.

She studied at the School of Fine Arts of Amiens, France. She signed her first works with "Valérie Lacroix", a name which was inspired by the village La Croix Saint Ouen, where her parents' sawmill was located.

In 1957, she married Patrick de Butler d'Ormond and chose Jacqueline Debutler as her artist name. Ten years later, she moved to Paris.

She participated in group exhibitions with the artists Gillou Brilliant (1935-), Jacqueline Badord (1917-2013) and Olivier Descamps (1920-2003).
In 1976, her work was exhibited with Victor Vasarely's in Port Grimaud, France.

Her success in the United States has sometimes led to her being considered an American artist.

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