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Laurence Jordan

UAL Camberwell alumni, Laurence is an artist who took the advice of not sticking to ones own comfort zone to its logical conclusion: Finding comfort in mercurially striding between various mediums, areas of study and processes.

During his exploits, Laurence has found himself down and out in Darmstadt, growing tin crystals via electro chemistry. Revealing the age of an Oak tree by rendering woodcut prints from its charred cross-section. Generated a bespoke music notation system dictated via bacterial growth patterns within a Petri dish and learning the art of beekeeping in Anatolia.

Since his exile from the capital, Laurence has worked and studied across both Germany and Turkey on artists residences. The artist has contributed to several group exhibitions across the United Kingdom and has given lectures at the V&A Sackler centre and Conway Hall, London + has contributed to the 'Boring Conference Podcasts' radio series at BBC Old Broadcasting House.

Some of Laurence's latest exploits involve Inoculating of Mycelium, Foraging wild edibles and fungi, harvesting wild yeasts to ferment sour ales and meads, cultivating vegetables and honing the art of apiculture and Beekeeping.

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