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Mathieu Weemaels

Mathieu Weemaels is a Belgian painter and pastelist born in 1967. He has exhibited in several countries, such as Belgium, Italy, France and Denmark.


His work has been featured in several publications, mainly in specialized magazines : "Pratique des Arts" (France), “Vernissages” (France)...


In 2019, he published a book that brings together 256 reproductions of drawings, paintings, pastels that he has made since the 90s.

"Déformations" is a series of paintings he made in the early 2000s. The artist looked at himself in a reflective surface (a stainless steel pan) and painted the curious deformations he saw in the reflections. Duplications, elongations, distortions...

He got several awards in Belgium:  
2001 : Janssens Prize
2003: Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium
1998 : First prize at the Pierre-Paul Hamesse Competition

Major galleries:
Olivia Ganancia Gallery, Paris
Galerie Deï Barri France
Galerie Patricia Oranin France
Rasmus Gallery, Denmark
Neuhauser Kunstmühle Gallery, Austria

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