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An interview with Angéline Catteeuw – “I find my inspiration in the relationship between the..."

“I find my inspiration in the relationship between the human body and the human mind”

Angéline Catteeuw (born in 1983, living in Ghent) has been conducting her own very personal investigation of technique and figuration in painting. Her style evolved during recent years from realistic figurative towards figural abstract. Her images always start from reality, but in her search towards the essence of an image, she eliminates all illustrative aspects. In her opinion, narratives derive from the true meaning of a picture. When looking at her work, you might confront yourself instead of perceiving an external story. The themes of her works are individuality, existential loneliness and transience.

Artyish asked her a few questions.

How did you get into this sector?

AC: I am a graphic designer by training (Sint-Lucas Gent) and I had explored many avenues before I dared to devote myself completely to painting. I worked as a shoe and clothing designer, marketer and graphic artist – but I've been painting since I was 14. For years I painted almost every day after work. I also attended the academy in Ghent for 4 years. I always felt that I wanted to do much more with it, but I did not dare to take the step, until a few years ago, when my brother died of cancer. It made me realize that life is short and that we should go for what we believe in. In the beginning I combined graphic assignments and selling paintings as a freelancer, but since two years I have been painting full-time.

Who or what inspired you?

AC: For my work, I find my inspiration in the relationship between the human body and the human mind. Almost all my work is based on bodies, abstracting them until I let the narrative disappear, until only emotions remain.

Do you follow a particular method for every new work?

AC: No, the experiment is part of your evolution as an artist. I do have materials that I currently prefer, such as acrylic paint and charcoal or watercolor pencil and water-soluble charcoal for my drawings.

Which artists have inspired you the most?

AC: Francis Bacon, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Cy Twombly, Per Kirkeby, Mark Rothko, Anselm Kiefer, Ursula Von Rydingsvard...

What have been your highlights so far (exhibitions, reviews…)?

AC: The greatest honor was to be invited by the Cultural Department of the city of Mouscron to organize a solo exhibition at the cultural center, l'Ancienne Piscine, at the end of 2020. That was my first official solo. I also had the honor of being interviewed for TheArtCouch, KunstLetters and Kunstpoort, well-known art magazines in Belgium.

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