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Artyish to plant 5,000 trees with Tree Plan

"Trees generate oxygen. We all know this. Yet we keep on cutting down trees. 18 million acres of forest every year. By teaming up with Tree Plan we want to be part of the solution". - Kris De Meester, curator is proud to announce a partnership with Tree Plan, a sustainability program supporting tree cultivation organizations around the world.

Did you know: Trees are amazing organisms. Every tree captures carbon dioxide and generates oxygen for other people, plants, and animals on earth. Depending on the size and type of tree, a single mature tree can produce enough oxygen for up to 18 people. Did you know: humanity destroys 18 million acres of forest every year. That’s billions of trees that are being wiped out year- after-year for building materials, paper manufacture, or to make room for cattle grazing or infrastructure development. Tree Plan's goal is to help turning that around, to be part of the solution, ensuring that healthy forests and abundant clean air are available for the coming generations.

Tree Plan is an umbrella program supporting over 14 other tree cultivation organizations around the world. Tree Plan assists programs in Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Ireland, Uganda, Australia, the United States, Malawi, Thailand, Congo, Bangladesh, and Palestine. Each program they work with is closely monitored to ensure that they’re meeting the requirements and supporting their mission.

Tree Plan offers cost-effective marketing plans, allowing businesses to make a huge environmental impact at relatively low costs. By teaming up with Tree Plan, wants to reach its environmentally conscious consumers and make a positive impact on tomorrow's world by planting 5,000 trees that will grow and nourish our world for generations.

The premise is simple: a consumer goes shopping at and purchases a product at its regular price, without surcharge. For each purchased product, Artyish pays Tree Plan to plant a Tree Plan forest (50 trees), after which the tree is then planted by one of the Tree Plan supported tree planting organizations somewhere in the world. It's a simple as that: buy a products, plant 50 trees.

We must all try to make the world a better place for the next generation. With the help of Tree Plan, provides a concrete solution. Planting a tree for each sale – there's no beating around the bush on that.


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