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A.W. Manie - Brosse Lithograph - Hand signed - 3/7

A.W. Manie - Brosse Lithograph - Hand signed - 3/7


Artist:A.W. Manie
Title of artwork:Brosse
Signature:Hand signed
Image size:37×50 cm
Total dimensions:49×65×0.1 cm
Sold with frame:No



This lithograph is signed with 'A W Manie'.

We couldn't trace the name of the artist of this work.

This lithograph was part of a large collection which also included work by Naomi Okuya, Jacqueline DeButler, Gilou Brillant, Guy Baekelmans, Peter Nagel, Bernard Villers, Gabriel Belgeonne and Horst Antes; which indicates that this might be an artist with the same importance.

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