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René Guiette - Jeune Fille - original work on paper

René Guiette - Jeune Fille - original work on paper

Watercolour - Hand signed - unique work - 1925

Original aquarelle/watercolour work on paper (28,5 cm x 25 cm) by René Guiette, a Belgian painter.
Professionally framed.

From 1919 Guiette started painting. His style ranges from expressionism to cubism and post-cubism, and finally to Eastern-inspired abstract art. His friend Le Corbusier built his house in Wilrijk-Antwerp, the only building of Le Corbusier in Belgium.

The authenticity of his artistic and intellectual quest makes him one of the most interesting figures in the Belgian art landscape of the 20th century. He is not as famous as his colleague and friend René Magritte, but they regularly exhibited together and Guiette enjoys a reputation as one of the best abstracts in Belgium. He was appointed honorary member at the foundation of the G58 movement.


Object: Painting

Artist: René Guiette

Title of artwork: Jeune Fille - original work on paper

Period: 1920-1929

Year: 1925

Technique: Watercolour

Signature: Hand signed

Condition: Good condition

Total dimensions: 59×52×6 cm

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