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Siep van den Berg

Siep van den Berg was born in Southwest Friesland, Netherlands, in 1913. He died in Amsterdam in 1998.
He was a painter and sculptor.

Siep van den Berg studied at the Minerva Academy in Groningen (NL) and at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. As a sculptor, he was self-taught.

He decided to become a professional painter in 1939, and rented Sterrebos' tea dome (Groningen) for this purpose. Around this time, he mainly painted landscapes and still lives.

His main inspirations then included his father-in-law Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, and artists from Groningen's modern art scene, such as the collective De Ploeg.

However, his style and influences changed when he moved to the west of Netherlands. From the late 1960s, he stopped working from nature in favor of simplified and stylized abstract compositions — a shift he described as getting further away from nature and going even more into fantasy.

The painter started to divide his compositions into overlapping geometric shapes : squares, rectangles of primary colors reminiscent of Mondrian and De Stijl.


Siep van den Berg's became one of the few Dutch painters to make a name for themselves in the post-war constructivist movement.


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