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Gilbert Decock

Gilbert Decock (1928-2007, Knokke) was a Belgian painter, sculptor and jewelry designer.

Gilbert Decock studied at the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts. He was an important figure of Belgian abstract art.

In the 1950s, his work was associated with constructivism. Most of his compositions are divided into circular shapes and squares, mainly white, black, gray, or sometimes raised by a more vivid color. The circle symbolizes the infinite and the divine, while the square evokes the earthly.

In 1965, Decock became part of the group "D4", together with Emiel Bergen (1923-1988), Victor Noël (1916-2006) and Marcel-Henri Verdren (1933-1976). In 1967, the name of group changed to "Geoform" as Jo Delahaut (1911-1992) joined it.

His mural bas-relief "ISJTAR" (1980) still adorns the wall of the Arts-Loi subway station in Brussels.

In 1966, the artist obtained an European prize. The city of Knokke awarded him the following year.

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