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Lampis Marco

Born in Pinerolo (To) on 09 March 1970, he has lived and worked in Vestignè (Turin) Italy since 2014. In 1999 he began to exhibit his works at the "En Plein Air" contemporary art gallery in Pinerolo (To), later participating in several collective exhibitions and several national competitions.

"My works are my story, my path, me. 
I chose to put the human being at the center, to get to know myself better and always look for my true self. In the creative act, I often stop and breathe with my eyes closed, enter the deepest part and then transfer it to the canvas. 
My paintings are the relationships, the loneliness, the everyday life of the people I observe, whom I respect, which I detest: all parts of me. 
I investigate and represent the desire to discover, the need to let go, disorientation and fear in the face of emptiness and the unknown. 
I love creating detailed, refined images generated by the attention to detail and alternating uncontrolled brush strokes, shades and gradations of color that give me feelings of freedom and expression. 
The places around represent limited and limiting spaces or enlarged borders until they cancel each other: free to exasperate containment and bewilderment, which fascinate me without fear. 
I observe man, study, analyze him, and continue to amaze me with his way of being in relationship with the elements around him. I use it as a means of exploration and knowledge, to evoke atmospheres and sensations of which he himself is the author and protagonist. 
The elements of the universe drag, overwhelm, upset but also contain the human figures of my characters: the water, the air, the earth and the fire of the sun color the figures and their shadows: I don't need anything else. In fact, I enjoy inventing combinations of unreal and disconnected characters and places. 
Representing the invisible energy and strength behind all this is my biggest challenge."
- Lampis Marco

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