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Image by Isabella Mendes


Velvet Room is an art space which is located between consciousness and subconsciousness. A place to enjoy and create art. Velvet Room is used as an event location/co-working space, an art gallery, an underground cinema and a video/photo studio. The place-to-be for film and theatre professionals that welcomed guests such as Lars von Trier, Koen Mortier, Koen De Bouw, Michael Pas, Nic Balthazar, Peter Monsaert, Wannes Destoop, Kadir Balci, Anders Refn, Kris Dewitte, Tom Bessoir, Michael William West, and many more.


Velvet Room is run by Kris De Meester, a film director, producer, and entrepreneur. He started his career in 1990, taking on different roles with many of the film industry’s finest. Over the decades, he has teamed up with numerous award-winning directors. Such included big names like Lars von Trier, Terence Davies, Thomas Vinterberg, Timo Vuorensola, Wolfgang Becker, Philippe Grandrieux, and Koen Mortier.

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Velvet Room, where lost souls nest.

Before you step in and pull up a chair, I want you to imagine the following:


A somewhat dark, eclectic space in the center of the city, but far removed from everyday reality.

A seemingly innocent, but massive, somewhat worn, corner house in a residential area. A red glow grabs your focus.

Once inside, your attention is drawn to brutal outsider art on the wall.

Seemingly randomly placed.

When you look over your shoulder you notice a sea of light and the outside world that tries to provide some relief through the opaque glass of the gigantic iron door.

You consider going back to this place of peace and oxygen, but you are ready for something else.

The dark attracts you more.

Your ear is filled with an ethereal mix of darkened vocals, guitar distortion, echo and a penetrating volume.

You are intrigued by a red lit area at the bottom of the stairs.

You go down and find a door that leads to a bright industrial looking space filled with art works and a life sized submarine… I kid you not.

You decide to leave this area and continue to go up the stairs.

A gothic room awaits you.

It turns out to be the backdrop of a bar where you can get destructive goodies, offered by an innocent-looking non-binary being.

Just when you think you've seen the end of this dark little world, you discover a new space with even more art and masses of books, especially obscure poetry.

In a corner we find a club chair, facing the wall, in which a timid petite humanoid is reading a book.

It wants to be alone together.

An opening in the main library gives access to another dark room that hides a seedy-looking cinema, room for 26 lost souls.

There is a strange kind of calm, one of acceptance and introversion.


A place to grow and nest.

P.S. When you look closely to the logo of Velvet Room you'll notice a glyph in white. This glyph refers to Deacon Frost in the film 'Blade'. We added a plus sign to it pointing out that Velvet Room welcomes anyone from whatever cultural background, gender or sexual orientation, even beings that identify with Deacon Frost.

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