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Kun Fang

Kun Fang is an artist from Antwerp, Belgium. She works in a range of areas including painting, illustration, contemporary art, video and design. She has received many awards in international art competitions and her works have been shown in over 30 exhibitions worldwide, in cities such as London, Moscow, Athens, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chengdu and Seoul.

"Her childhood memories, her poetic statement, her basement performance and street performance express the suppressed frustration of the human. Her lyrical abstract ‘rags’ tell a story of blood and sweat… All leaves a lot of question marks. Who is Kun Fang? We have been knowing her for years before the millennium, we have been working with her, we had lunches and dinners together, we laughed and cried with her, and we think we know her, but is what we think right? Today and always there shall be the mystery of the artist’s life and work." - Liliane Ruttens, exhibition curator


"Kun Fang's work isn't limited to one style and can be organized in series along intersecting themes. The viewer who becomes familiar with the recurring symbols and the intense color is struck by the beauty and energy of each individual work.

Kun Fang's color use is inspired by european modernism and eastern traditions of refinement.

The way the painter and her characters are looking for a positive way to identify, by times strikes as uncanningly real and fragilely human. Their search never lands in easy irony or critique but rather in double meaning." - Toon Cappuyns, art historian



"Kun Fang’s figurative painting intertwines eastern and western techniques and images. The optimism stands out, she rather emphasizes the human exchanges between East and West. Her reflection on the world eventually transforms into work in which temperament and development play a major role." - Marc Reuters in periodical <H>ART

"Cultural background and experiences in western society play a fundamental role in the themes used in Kun Fang’s work. The colors and symbols used refer to eastern mythical and mystical influences. Lyrical and phantasmagorical elements make her paintings very readable and poetic. She evolved to a remarked willfulness and passion in her work." - Raf De Smedt, former head of department in Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Antwerp

"Kun Fang is an inspiring artist who has passion for art, creativity, and free spirit.
In the exhibition “The Digital Body: 3rd International Exhibition on New Media Art” at CICA Museum in 2017 Fang’s performance “Milk and Honey” was featured. The work was a self-video documentation of her simple act of pouring milk over her head while wearing a white top and panties. The intimacy created by the camera angle and content induces tension, slight discomfort, and intrigue. Through the work, Fang wittily yet boldly embodied the sexuality of the digital age. Fang is an artist who expands the realm of Art in the digital age. Fang expresses her emotions and ideas through various media while utilizing her own body to represent and reflect her reality. I strongly recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue." - Leejin Kim, Art Director CICA Museum South Korea.



Past events (small selection):



Kensington Chelsea Art Week.

Small Pleasures project, Sheffield arts Centre, UK (featured on BBC Sheffield).

Boomer gallery, London UK.

EcoFeminism Art pavillion, London UK.

The spring exhibition, cultural center of Manchester UK.



Power, CICA Museum, Seoul South Korea.

Art vending machine, the People's Republic of Stokes Croft, Venice Biennale, Italy.

Yoko Ono's selection 'My eyes and manifestation', The Public Arthouse, Manchester UK.



Exhibition 'Artist and Location' and publication 'Digital Body: New Media Art 2018' @ CICA Museum, Seoul South Korea. 

Shanghai design Festival, China.



American art fair, Chicago USA.

'Milk and honey' video art, @ 'The Digital Body' (3rd International Exhibition on New Media Art) and 'Subculture', CICA Museum, Seoul South Korea.



Amsterdam Art Weekend, Netherlands.

Group exhibition in Serge Scohy Galery, Antwerpen Belgium.



'All the art in this space is not made by Kun Fang', Centre Culturel Aix-en-Provence, France.

Museum night fever, Operahuis De Munt, Brussels Belgium.



Group exhibition at Gallery Ludwig Trossaert, Antwerp Belgium.

Plantin Moretus Museum, Belgium (exposition of Kun Fang's 'Beauty and Beast' on a wall designed by Stefan Beel).

Group show at the USSL fondation, BeiJing China. 



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