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Rare find, an original drawing by Kaws.

Original drawing by Kaws, hand singed and dated, made on the cover of the book "Kaws 1993-2010" (edition by Rizzzoli Electa) - 28,5 x 22 cm - framed in plexi case This original drawing is typical work by Kaws, it's rare and a real collectors item. Great investment. KAWS spent his high school years graffiti-bombing trains, walls, and billboards. Later, moving to New York City in the 1990s, KAWS continued subverting imagery on billboards, bus shelters, and phone booth advertisements. These reworked advertisements were at first left alone, lasting for up to several months, but as KAWS’ popularity skyrocketed, the ads became extremely popular and his fans would search the entire city to find and take them home. Later KAWS has done interventions in Paris, London, Berlin, and Tokyo.


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