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A Big World - original acrylic painting on canvas

A Big World - original acrylic painting on canvas

Acrylic on canvas - Hand signed - unique work


Original acryl painting on canvas, professionally framed after museum glass.
The identity of the artist is hidden as it's not so uncommon for political protest art.
This painting is filled with symbolism: the red book, the red curtain, the police apparatus overlooking how uniformed citizens fight, the sleeping dog next to ball, ...
The work is confrontational, visceral and personally dangerous, and it engages both implicitly and explicitly with problems of overpopulation, cultural erasure and political repression.
This artist is part of a generation of contemporary Chinese artists that believe that modern China is the right context for the production of their work, with all its contradictions and difficulties as an emerging global superpower.
Inspired by the Cynical Realism movement with artists such as Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi and Yue Minjun.


Object: Painting

Artist: A Big World

Period: 2000-2009

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Signature: Hand signed

Condition: Excellent condition

Total dimensions: 76×100×3 cm

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