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Angel Santiago Vergara - Lithograph - Hand signed - 35/75

Angel Santiago Vergara - Lithograph - Hand signed - 35/75


Artist:Angel Santiago Vergara
Title of artwork:untitled
Signature:Hand signed
Image size:72×54 cm
Total dimensions:72×54×0.1 cm
Sold with frame:No





Angel Santiago Vergara (° 1958, Spain) has been living in Brussels for more than thirty years, home to René Magritte and Marcel Broodthaers. His artistic vision is closely related to the surrealism of both masters, although he approaches both reality and art in a very individual way.

Vergara starts from the everyday and popular, he attaches great importance to exchanges and the participation of the public, he focuses on the economic aspects of art, but also on the social involvement and spiritual drive thereof. The vision takes shape in various ways, but whether it is an installation, sketch, sculpture, painting or video, he remains basically a painter who knows how to make optimum use of the pictorial qualities of each medium.


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