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Curtiz - I Killed You a Dozen Times 'Honey'

Curtiz - I Killed You a Dozen Times 'Honey'

Curtiz - I Killed You a Dozen Times

Mixed media, Polaroid - Hand signed - unique work - 2023

Original work using unique 16 Polaroid photos and marker.
Including frame (50 x 50 cm).

Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester (°1972) is a Belgium based film director, photographer, casting director and visual artist. He started his career in 1990, taking on different roles with many of the film industry’s finest. Over the decades, he has teamed up with numerous award-winning directors. Such included big names like Lars von Trier, Terence Davies, Thomas Vinterberg, Timo Vuorensola, Wolfgang Becker, Philippe Grandrieux, and Koen Mortier.


Part of the award winning art project 'I Killed You a Dozen Times' that includes 17 collages and a video art piece. The video art piece was selected for numerous festivals worldwide including the 58th Dimitria Arts Festival in Thessaloniki, 21th Signes de Nuit in Paris, Moving Body Festival in Varna, Bulgaria and Alternating Currents in the Figge Museum in Davenport (USA) and many others.

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