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Curtiz - Life As We Know It (Blue)

Curtiz - Life As We Know It (Blue)

Curtiz - Life is Blue

Mixed Media - Hand signed - unique work - 2023

Original work using 8 mm celluloid film and marker.
Including frame (40 x 30 cm).



A unique work that transforms and adapts according to its surroundings. When placed on a wall and observed from a distance, it will appear to be a dark geometric piece, until you take a closer look and discover that these geometric lines are made out of thousands of 8 mm celluloid film images, all roughly taped together. 4515 images to be exactly. Each image represents a day in the life of a 12 year old. A full childhood on display, with darker periods and occasional moments of light. Rough and irrational, 'life as we know it'. 


Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester (*1972) is a Belgium based artist. He spent his childhood in a movie theatre where both parents worked. During holidays he killed time by taping waste pieces of celluloid film together. Currently turning 50 years of age, things hasn't changed that much. 

Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester (°1972) is a Belgium based film director, photographer, casting director and visual artist. He started his career in 1990, taking on different roles with many of the film industry’s finest. Over the decades, he has teamed up with numerous award-winning directors. Such included Lars von Trier, Terence Davies, Thomas Vinterberg, Timo Vuorensola, Wolfgang Becker, Philippe Grandrieux, and Koen Mortier.
He works mainly with Polaroid and is inspired by artist such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Andy Warhol and Akira Gomi.
His work is part of private collections worldwide.

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