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Curtiz - Polaroid series 'Lilja'

Curtiz - Polaroid series 'Lilja'


Title of artwork: Lilja episodes 08.06, 05.03, 03.29 and 07.14

Technique: Polaroid

Edition: unique


Year: 2020

Image size: 4 frames x 17×26 cm = 34 x 52 cm


Original work using eight unique Polaroid photos and marker.
The Lilja series he collaborates with artist/model M.

In the 'Lilja' series Curtiz examines the deaths of M.

A morbid love story that sets in Höfn, Kopavugar, Akureyri and Husavik. Curtiz his work is inspired by Nobuyoshi Araki, David Lynch and Akira Gomi..



Kris 'Curtiz' De Meester (°1972, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) is a Belgium based film director, photographer, casting director and visual artist.
Since 1992 his life has revolved around his fascination with mankind. As a casting director he's worked on arthouse films such as 'Nymphomaniac' by Lars von Trier, 'The Command' by Thomas Vinterberg, 'Ex-Drummer' by Koen Mortier, 'A Quiet Passion' by Terrence Davies, 'Un Lac' by Philippe Grandrieux and 'Iron Sky' by Timo Vuorensola, to name a few. 
He has also written and directed two feature films. He debuted with the black and white vignette film 'Four Roses' which won several awards and was theatrical released in Belgium and The Netherlands. His second film 'Johnny Walker' was an adaptation of Dostoevsky's Notes From the Underground.
His other work includes video art, photography and paintings.
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