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Espen Hagen (1964 - 2008) - Hand signed Graphic (yellow)

Espen Hagen (1964 - 2008) - Hand signed Graphic (yellow)

Type of work: hand signed graphic
Title of work: Geronimo (yellow)
Period: 1945 - 1999
Technique: silk-screen on paper
Medium: paper
Style: Expressionistic
Subjects: figures
Sold with wooden frame
Size: 82 cm x 82 cm (h x w)
Frame 113 cm x 113 cm (h x w)
Hand signed with ink (right side)
Edition: 79/149

Espen Greger Hagen (Trondheim, 1964 - Amsterdam, 10 April 2008) was a Norwegian painter. Hagen was Herman Brood's right-hand man, with whom he worked closely with from the mid-1990s until the death of Herman Brood on 11 July 2001.

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