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Guy Baekelmans - Signed Lithograph


Title of artwork: untitled

Period: 1970-1979

Year: 1971

Technique: Lithograph


Total dimensions: 61×50×1 cm



Guy Baekelmans (°1940, Berchem)
Guy Baekelmans started in 1968 with figures and forms in frog or bird perspective, classified as pop art and hard edge. After a short while only the geo-metrical forms remained which in the first 20 years did find a strong affiliation with constructivism. Systematic simplifications in form and color reflected his early interest in Oriental philosophy and his quest for serenity and balance.

About 70 exhibitions in Europe and Japan in the 70’s and 80’s are characterized by a strong constructive base.

In a recent monograph Guy Baekelmans divides his oeuvre in different periods as rather coherent series. In the book, Ernest Van Buynder writes about the parallelism with the work and philosophy of Yves Klein. Simon Delobel finds in Baekelmans’ work connections with his famous predecessor Georges Vantongerloo, both proponents of a dialogue between space and the infinity.

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