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Henri Plaat gouache on Paper signed buy art online gallery affordable art europe belgium dutch

Henri Plaat - Work on paper

Type Work: Painting
Year: 2012
Technique: Gouache
Work on paper
Dimensions 66 cm x 102 cm (h x w)
Frame 78 cm x 118 cm (h x w)
Hand signed


Henri PLAAT (Amsterdam 1936)
Graphic designer, Visual artist, maker of short films, draftsman.


Versatile artist Henri Plaat was born in Amsterdam and grew up in the neighborhood behind the concert hall. Due to his frequent absence, he left his Reformed Gymnasium education prematurely. A number of tests showed that the applied arts school typology department would suit him best. After completing his typology education, Plaat worked for a short time as a graphic designer. Because he found this too limited, he also started to draw. In 1963, he decided to further devote his career to the visual arts and he also started painting and watercolors. He also made sound editing under a pseudonym Henri Schweben, a number of his short films will also be released under this name. Like many of his films, his sound collages often focused on the Second World War. His fascination for this theme came about, among other things, by seeing war newsreels in the film museum in the year he left the gymnasium. He wants to draw the tragedy of war into the absurd, because "tragic situations inevitably have absurd sides."

Henri Plaat has so far made many different works ranging from gouaches, drawings, collages, lithographs, etchings, oil paintings, forty films, sound collages, cartoons, texts and series of photos. Nevertheless, Plaat is best known for its landscape work, which mainly consists of collages that are composed of squares or diagonals. In addition to the well-known landscape work, Plaat also started the Goddess series in the 1980s. A series of gouaches in which he, in combination with African images, depicts the silhouettes of human figures.

Exhibitions and prices:
Gallery ROGER KATWIJK, Amsterdam
AMC Brummelkamp Gallery and AMC display cases, Amsterdam
Art collection KPN, The Hague
TNT Post Art Collection, The Hague



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