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Horst Antes - Signed Lithograph


Title of artwork: Head-Footer / Kopffüßler

Technique: Lithograph

Pencil signed and numbered


Period: 1960-1969

Edition: 100

Image size: 75×57 cm



Horst Antes (born 28 October 1936 Heppenheim, Germany) is a German artist and sculptor.
In his early paintings, Antes sought a path somewhere between figurative painting and the L'Art Informel. One of his most important role models was Willem de Kooning. Around 1960 Antes discovered his 'Kopffüßler' (literal translation: Head-Footer), a form which preoccupied the artist in numerous variations and artistic techniques. By 1963 his 'Kopffüßler' was fully developed in its stylistic and contextual premises and became also compulsory for his sculptural work, which began the same year.
His works are exhibited throughout the world and are represented in all the most important German collections: the Kunsthall Hamburg, the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the Nationalgalerie Berlin, and the Museum of Modern Art.

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