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Iskander Walen - Little LoveBomb (Gold on Black) - Acrylic on canvas

Iskander Walen - Little LoveBomb (Gold on Black) - Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas, Silkscreen/Serigraph - dated, Signed - 2014
Artist: Iskander Walen
Title of artwork: Little LoveBomb (Gold on Black)
Technique: Acrylic on canvas stretched on wooden frame
Signature: dated, signed
Year: 2014
Condition: As new
Image size: 46×46 cm



Little LoveBomb (Gold on Black) is a silkscreen on canvas featuring Iskander Walen's iconic LoveBomb, a hybrid of a female breast and an aerial bomb. The work came from the observation that we have somehow made the nude form taboo, whereas violence as a form of visual entertainment is accepted and even celebrated.

This painting is one of the works of the LoveBomb series that the artist started in 2008. There are 8 versions of this particular size, each with a unique color combination.

Iskander Walen is an established artist whose work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows in Asia, Europe and North America. His paintings and sculptures are often infused with humor, while presenting an original take on societal discrepancies and contradictions.

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