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Kees Spermon - 'Stilleven met prop papier' - Hand signed Etching

Kees Spermon - 'Stilleven met prop papier' - Hand signed Etching


Artist:Kees Spermon
Title of artwork:Stilleven met prop papier
Signature:Hand signed
Period:1970-1979, 1960-1969
Image size:66×51 cm
Total dimensions:72×57×0.1 cm
Sold with frame:No




Spermon, Kees (1941-1992) As a passionate academy teacher, Kees Spermon trained many students in graphic techniques. Spermon was a painter, draftsman and graphic artist, working in a modest, static manner, in gray ink tones and in common formats. In the 1970s he made his first anecdotal etchings; figurative scenes, sometimes derived from family and travel photos. These recall the traditional, figurative of The Hague with artists such as Co Westerik. As Spermon developed further, he was no longer concerned with a real experience, but with existential seriousness arising from a not-knowing. In the years before his death, Spermon changed course. He looked more outside than inside, and he started painting in red, blue and yellow. Although the cloths seem cheerful, a drama often takes place in the performance. Spermon has left a modest oeuvre.

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