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Mu Pan - original signed lithograph

Mu Pan - original signed lithograph

Dimensions Image: 48 x 65 cm, Paper: 87 x 65 cm.

Material: Photogravure and chine collé on Hahnemühle 350 grams paper.

Date: 2019

Limited edition of 24, handsigned

Titled "The Chinese Wolf Man"


One of the Ten Drawings Series created in 2016, Mu Pan the Chinese Wolf Man shows the artist as a ferocious hybrid taking on a pack of vicious white dogs. Originally created using ballpoint pen, it is an excellent example of Mu Pan’s outstanding linework, with extreme violence expressed through menacing gesture and bright red streams of blood. A label reads “The way I use ballpoint and the way I use acrylic and brush are all the same,” and in this photogravure print the power of Mu Pan’s original drawing is perfectly conserved.

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