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Nobuyoshi Araki - Naked beautiful girl with dinosaurs - Original work (with COA)

Nobuyoshi Araki - Naked beautiful girl with dinosaurs - Original work (with COA)

Polaroid - Signed 
Artist: Nobuyoshi Araki (1940-)
Title of artwork: Naked beautiful girl with dinosaurs
Technique: Polaroid
Signature: Signed
Condition: Very fine
Image size: 8×7.6 cm
Total dimensions: 10.8×8.8 cm (4 3/10 × 3 1/2 in)

Nobuyoshi Araki (1940) - Naked beautiful girl with dinosaurs - METAPHOTO! - iconic

Polaroid - Signed, Signed on front - unique

Genuine polaroid by the Japanese master of Erotism, Nobuyoshi Araki



This photograph is especially precious because of colours and its subject. A very beautiful fully naked girl is lying on floor. A dinosaur, representing the photographer, is staying on her. Other two at least (the viewers, but also the memory of the artist, his fantasy) are looking at the sexual intercourse.The symbolism is very present: the strong strokes, and especially red on the legs and sex, suggest the idea of Es, an incontrollable natural, spontaneous energy.What about this photo?Araki took a black and white photo, printed it then coloured it, and finally... froze the scene into this polaroid for preserving it forever! Thus, both the girl and the artwork will be living forever. This is photography plus conceptual art, the state of Araki's art for people loving psychoanalysis and philosophy.



Hand-signed in black marker

Perfect condition

With certificate of authenticity


Nobuyoshi Araki is a prolific photographer who has produced thousands of photographs over the course of his career. He became famous for “Un Voyage Sentimental” (1971), a series of photos depicting both banal and deeply intimate scenes of his wife during their honeymoon. A number of his works feature young women in sexualized situations: “Kinbaku”, a series from 1979, features 101 photographs of women in rope bondage. He typically works in black-and-white photography, and his hallmark style is deliberately casual. “Rather than shooting something that looks like a professional photograph, I want my work to feel intimate, like someone in the subject’s inner circle shot them,” he says.

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