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Per Kirkeby - Farvezinkografi - Gul

Per Kirkeby - Farvezinkografi - Gul

Per Kirkeby, b. Copenhagen 1938, 2018

Kirkeby is considered the largest Danish post-war artist by Asger Jorn. In the 1960s Kirkeby is influenced by pop art and minimalism, and he fetches his motives from among others. magazines and comics, and use synthetic lacquers rather than classic oil colors. But in the mid-1970s he changed his expression, now he uses oil on canvas in an abstract expressionistic style. In the 1980s, Kirkeby joined the group around Galerie Michael Werner in Cologne, which was the beginning of a major international career. Kirkeby is represented at numerous international museums.

Artist: Per Kirkeby
Title: Without title
Dating: 1980
Technology: Zincography
Signed, numbered and dated with lead
Designation: 371/400
Published by Brøndums Forlag
Sheet size: 45.5 x 38.3 cm.
Condition: Perfect condition



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