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Sergio D'Angelo - Original work on Paper


20th Cent. Italian mixed media 

signed Sergio d'Angelo and dated 1963

on the verso a reference to his participation in the Venice Bienale in 1966

Dimensions: 36 x 54 cm



Sergio Dangelo was born in Milan on April 19, 1932. He studied in Paris, Brussels and Geneva.
In 1943, during a math class at Berchet High School, he made his first drawing. The graphic drawing "cold and lyrical" according to a definition of the poet Guido Ballo, and the rapid notation, are, since then, a constant of his figurative expression.
He travels Europe very young and, in 1948, in Zandvliet, he makes an act of "absolute surrealism". He was guided by his father Alberto, whose library is rich in "European" literature, André Breton, Charles Estienne, Théodore Koenig, Thelonious Monk, and the protagonists of the postwar period, the Cobras, the Vorticists, the Informal.
He participated, since 1950, in the adventure of the third surrealist convoy. From Ennio Tomiolo, his master, he learned that painting is not a "career nor a mission"; from Gianni Dova, Roberto Crippa and Cesare Peverelli the "fast movement of the hand", from Max Ernst that "you can paint while dreaming".
He is the creator and animator of "Arte Nucleare", a movement that was decisive for the development of contemporary European art.
His first exhibition, with the famous "nuclear" paintings, was in 1951 in the first San Fedele Gallery in Milan. Since then there have been numerous exhibitions in avant-garde galleries (650 solo shows, 1600 group shows) and invitations from museums. He has been invited to the Biennale di San Paolo (4 editions), Biennale di Parigi (3 editions), Quadriennale di Roma (l edition), Biennale di Venezia (6 editions with personal room in 1966), Triennale di Milano (5 editions; with Ettore Sottsass, entrance hall, 1960).
In 1954, with Asger Jorn and under the patronage of Tullio d'Albisola, he organized "L'Incontro lnternazionale della Ceramica" at the M.G.A. Mazzotti factory.
Arturo Schwarz presents (1986, Venice Biennale, "Art and Alchemy") his painting "La Chaîne des Rouges Pommiers" and the sculpture in wood and sigh "L'Arbre d'Amour".
In 1991, with Carla Bordoni, Paola Grappiolo and Daniela Di Marco he founded the Center of exhibitions, comparisons, meetings "BLUDIPRUSSIA" in Albisola Marina.
In 1993, with a group of young talented friends, he founded the group "Nuovo Proun" (Noyovo Proekt Utverzdnija Novogo) in Milan and Geneva.
In parallel with his work as a painter and writer, Sergio Dangelo creates ceramics, objects (Hand-mades) painted on enamelled sheet metal, lithographs, etchings, illustrations for poetic texts (Williams, Sanesi, Sauvage, T.S. Eliot, Lino, Angioletti, Michel Vachey, Théodore Koenig, Alain Jouffroy, Bemard Jourdan, Anaïs Nin, Sarenco, Alain Pierre Pillet, Ermanno Krumm ... ) organizes exhibitions of the surrealist idea, practices Kendo (III Dan F.I.S. - Z.N.K.R), in a form of constant experimentalism and in homage to the "anti style" that characterizes all his activities.
He has collaborated with the magazines "Phantomas", "Temps Mêlés", "Panderma", "Verona Voce", "Lotta Poetica", "Bit", "Resine", "MAC", "Docks", "Opus International", "Arteincontro". "Les lèvres nues". "Jazz Music", "Documento Sud", "Imago", "Human Design", "Daily Bul", "Arnenophis". "Bokubi". "Bokunin", "Clandestino", "Phases", "Plus", "Egolalia", "Barrier", "II Gesto", "Opus", "Boa', "II Monte Analogo", "Alphabet" (1st series). I illustrated Madame Bovaly with 11 synthetic signs (Edizioni Iles Celebes, Geneva 2007), "La gola", "Edda", "Merore", "Der Tafel ronde", "Kiliagono", "Les Seillianais", "Phreatique", "D'ars Agency", "Azimut", "Actual", "Boite".
157 of his works are in 43 museums on five continents. The correspondence Dangelo-Théodore Koenig (1953-1983) is deposited at the Bibliothèque Royale de Bruxelles, the correspondence Dangelo-d'Orgeix is deposited at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. He currently writes, builds objects and lives in Milan.

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