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Steven Boers

Steven Boers (°1977) is a Belgian artist, musician and writer. 

He started the art movement SPART and elaborated on it in his book The Spart Manifest. SPART is a form of very fast, crude and dynamic art, created according to a set of rules that - counterintuitively - free the artist from performance pressure, anxiety, self-consciousness and biases. 


Steven Boers paints and draws without planning or sketching. Every work is created through a stream-of-consciousness method in which the artist tries to bypass the left brain hemisphere and unlock the images in his subconscious. 


Although human faces are ubiquitous in his work, Steven Boers is diagnosed with prosopagnosia and thus largely face blind. He tries to overcome this handicap by drawing and painting faces.


His works are described as neo-expressionist, art brut or even outsider art. 

Although he rarely repeats himself and creates works in a lot of different styles, he recently started a collection of marker drawings on canvas that critics have described as a mixture of Keith Haring and Hiëronymus Bosch. These pop-arty pieces are filled with weird creatures and doodles that flow out of the artist’s marker without thinking. The works invite you to gaze upon them for a long time, always discovering something new. Steven Boers jokingly calls this style The Bowel Movement, for “you could stare at them while on the toilet in stead of staring at your iPhone.”


Steven Boers also performs with a quite legendary cultband in Belgium, composes weird music and writes experimental “autobiographic meta-novels” among other things. 


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