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Tab Goh



Tab Goh is currently a middle-aged blue-collar worker based in Europe.

At this point the worker prefers to be vague rather then fake in the building of the artist's image.

Any additional information can be obtained through personal contact. 


Today, Friday 16th of April 2021, Tab Goh thinks that every person has his own unique view but it is the visual artist who tries to translate his interpretation into images. Hence every authentically-made image is a partial self-portrait of the artist at that moment. 




The selected works are part of a series of nude model drawings where the art of observation is taking delight into the soft carnal intimacy of human bodies. 


On a conceptual level it is about the balancing act of wholeness. Visualizing in a subtle way the interaction between west and east, yin and yang, ...


The artist is drawing out Rubenesque voluptuous volumes playing with Eastern empty spaces, while at the same time acknowledging their surface on the paper as each a form on their own.

This unifying of duality can also be found in the representation of the male body as carnal and fragile: their figure scanned for soft spots and subtle curves, so reminiscent of the way we look at female bodies, yet without wanting to strip them of their masculinity.

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