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Marcel Maeyer

Marcel Maeyer (1920-2018) was a Belgian curator, professor of art history and painter.


His work can be divided in several periods ; this without linearity, but with artistic continuity.

As a young child, Marcel De Maeyer learned the intricacies of the painting trade from his uncle, the late impressionist painter Alfons Proost (1880-1957).

He made his debut in the early 1950s. From the 1960s, he had to divide his attention between his artistic position (Marcel Maeyer) and his position as professor of art history at Ghent University (prof. Marcel De Maeyer). It was in the latter period that he met with success.


In the 70s, he worked more and more on photos, which he converted to canvas. Inspired by his own childhood in his father's hairdressing salon, he made hyper-realistic paintings of closed fairground stalls or barber shops. In addition, he also painted everyday street scenes, with crosswalks or pavement stones.


His work can be seen in museums in Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and Ostend.

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