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Filip Rottiers Stuns at Velvet Room with Record-Breaking Exhibition

This past weekend, the Velvet Room in Ghent was the scene of an extraordinary art event featuring the works of Filip Rottiers. The three-day exhibition showcased Rottiers' eclectic mix of paintings and collages, and included the premiere screening of his short film, "Non Person." The unique combination of art forms and the allure of the Velvet Room drew an unprecedented number of visitors and buyers, setting a new record for the artist.

The Velvet Room, known for its distinctive two-story layout that combines an art gallery with an underground cinema, provided a perfect backdrop for Rottiers’ works. The intimate setting, coupled with the opportunity to enjoy a drink while mingling among the artworks, offered a cozy, home-like atmosphere that deviated from the more traditional, stark art gallery environment. This all-inclusive approach not only enhanced the visual experience but also promoted engaging interactions between the artist and the audience.

Rottiers’ exhibition, though short-lived, proved immensely successful. Over just one weekend, he sold more pieces than he had in the previous year combined. The overwhelming turnout and the heartwarming reactions from the visitors underscored the success of the event. Rottiers himself expressed his satisfaction with the exhibition, noting the varied and fresh perspectives brought by a new audience. "For me, it was definitely a success with beautiful reactions from visitors who were also pleasantly surprised. The location, the building, and the homely interior felt different from the dry, strict galleries. Being able to consume a drink at a table among the artworks and the short film in the cinema added significant value and fit well with the whole." said Rottiers.

The artist appreciated the interactive element of the exhibition, which facilitated a meaningful exchange of ideas and insights, revealing new unknowns and providing educational experiences for both him and the attendees. This new kind of audience, different from his usual followers, brought a fresh perspective that Rottiers found enlightening.

As the Velvet Room closed its doors on this exceptional event, the success of such a vibrant and engaging exhibition left an indelible mark on the local art scene in Ghent, promising exciting possibilities for future collaborations and showcases in this unique venue.


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