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Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival announces the winners of a special and double edition.

After a last-minute canceled edition in 2020, the Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival was challenged for a second year in a row to adapt to the corona crisis.

Cinemas were still compulsorily closed, but film screenings in museums and art galleries in a limited circle were possible. That is why this year exceptionally the Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival took place at the Alfred Sküll Art Gallery, instead of our long-term partner Studio Skoop.

The film festival organized 45 film screenings from 15 to 23 May 2021, Covid-proof for a very limited number of people. In the art gallery, on the big screen. This allowed the films to be screened in a respectful way and it kept the festival from going ‘online’ like many other festivals.

This year, no fewer than sixty exceptional documentaries (both full-length and short films, both from the 2020 and 2021 selection) from all over the world were on the agenda of the Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival.


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